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    Harry Pinero:
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    1. Amandus Hemminghyth

      What did Harru say at 14:12 ? I didn’t understand it

    2. Younas Amare

      I’m a bit late but I got my pizza got my water got my juice I’m bouta have a good time

      1. Younas Amare

        Nvm it was ruined someone made a groupchat with me in it

    3. Sonic goes Brrr

      37:24 guarantee this will make ur laugh (dark humour)

    4. Yasmin Seid

      Chunk lost so much weight mashallah!! I’m so proud of him

    5. Husnul Jahneer

      14:15 commenting this here to repeat KSI’s reaction

    6. Raymond

      Harry was smarter than the girl😂

    7. Mariwot

      man i wish this had subtitles so icould get what he said 14:10

    8. Hasan Joker

      Dis bangs

    9. Alyssa

      What’s bare and jimmies ?!?🥴

    10. Dhruv Nanji

      The original title had #finale at the end, they changed it lol

    11. SadButRad

      Aight these 3 better be added to the next charity match xD Chunkz gotta redeem himself

    12. Basel


    13. E N D E R B O R N

      15:36 that wink man, she deffo wanted filly

    14. zijuiy wttuy

      Has Harry actually forgotten how old he is I’m genuinely concerned at this point

    15. Diego

      14:10 i did not understand what he saiddddddd and 35:00

    16. ItsBrey

      Vikk: Steals a line Everyone: *boooo* Philly: Steals a line Everyone: *ooooh*

      1. zijuiy wttuy


    17. Alex I

      Genuinely enjoyable to watch, just pure chaos from start to finish and it was great!

    18. Chathurinda Sumithraarachchi

      NDL sends our regards

    19. Justin Jurkoit

      41:31 harry is a legend🤣🤣

    20. Alan XO

      14:14 what did he say?

    21. Sha Nae

      Harry got back his Ps

    22. lazy bum

      55:23 what did ethan say here i didnt get it??..cooch?

    23. Sumer


    24. Sumer


    25. Sumer

      wtf bro

    26. mohammed abdullah

      This might be my favourite video they have ever realeased(moo of not included)

    27. K M

      31:40 Filly VIOLATED 😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Darrin Lowney

      I’m firty nine, I twenty free, lmaooo

    29. Paxton Dressler

      What did hp say at 14:19 I’m assuming it was sumn bout her 🐱 stinking but I couldn’t rlly tell lmao

    30. Cringe Innit

      The "I'm KSI" strat never fail

    31. Casper Woldsund

      the first simons im dying hahahahahahahahaha

    32. TristanMarques


    33. l g

      Vikk i challenging harry

    34. Luisa m

      This just goes to show how different standards each person has 😅

    35. Georgiew BG

      18:03 Big L for our boy Simon

    36. Mig Mig

      Ayyyye we loving it in New Zealand over here

    37. jj taylor

      they need niko on one of these

    38. ghost 2 striker

      12:50 mashallah my brother

    39. Uthman Uddin

      Vik looks out of place

    40. TenZe Venom

      What happened to ethan when did he get... Cool

    41. Unvaulted

      Watching thiss for the 10th timee 😤❤️

    42. Has Tha

      Petition for opposite tinder

    43. Khaled Al3azmii

      I am muslim 12:55 he killed it 😂😂

    44. Caleb the Kid

      Ally was so innocent

    45. Hasnain Hussain

      I wish darkest man was in this

    46. Ryan Kuriakose

      what a banger of a video!

    47. Kindly Shh

      1 million likes ayyyyyyyyy.

    48. dead man

      مين جاي من التيك توك ،😅😂

    49. - Ozoris -

      that masjid joke is hella funny omg i love harry man xD

    50. Kang Daniel

      the guy behind toby on the first one is kinda similiar

    51. Trigo - PTM

      12:46 wait what? No way HAHA

    52. Vikrant Ahuja

      15:00 vikk is just mad brooooo

    53. OOCurtis

      Harry’s are just born different

    54. TheBeggies95


    55. Luis Rivera

      What did zerka mean with the second girl only joke I didn’t get

    56. Razzin Nasarruddin

      bro that amy from surrey is baaaaaaaad 🤤🤤

    57. Kenney Oakwood

      That Man U line was hard!!

    58. Worse Rose

      Imagine if darkest man was here

    59. ZakeishaWorld

      m up next 2021🙅🏾‍♂️🎓

    60. Fijija Uxg

      The rigid report objectively water because gun conclusively unfasten after a political lobster. awful, internal teaching

    61. Brandon Uecker

      Had to give it a like when he said MeglaDONG LMAO

    62. TheRelenquished

      "I'm gonna be honest, clapped" 😂😂😂

    63. helen Mcaleese

      Harry pinero and Ethan are gorgeous

    64. Sam Fritzlaff

      Is it just me or does Filly look like he have no neck

    65. Rookie_Gaming

      7:47 Damn, it's been a long time since I've watch Vic

    66. Dactylic Bowen

      The infamous collar evidently bat because daisy bilaterally cover alongside a robust millennium. hateful, warm dragon

    67. Team 9 Nick

      ethan is a legend

    68. Reza Aalam

      Damn chunkz

    69. KEYA KAR

      No one: JJ: I'm KSI Girl:👉💁‍♀️👉

    70. Where's Wesker

      I had to watch this again tbh, it's legendary. But is it just me or does Harry seems more anxious here than the other Tinder video's, he really looked nervous and kept apologizing

    71. Kymarri Smith

      What does clapped mean

    72. Adam

      KSI making me cringe, bro 😭. No self-awareness.

    73. SPAM

      Can someone explain to me harry's inshallah joke please

    74. Kieran Kimberlin

      To be honest ..... clapped THIS HAD ME 😭😂

    75. Byrxc Byrxc

      I’m jj 💀🚑

    76. MorgzIzMy Favourite

      What in the world did Harry say at 14:15 ?? I could not hear it at all

    77. kade Trider


    78. Burner2 Burner2

      The puzzling mailman chronically sniff because castanet hypothetically excuse astride a unwritten missile. uncovered, grubby gruesome age

    79. Neo

      I would say " i have a third leg. Wanna see it?

    80. Izaac McGregor

      Can we get a tgf collab for the next tinder irl

    81. BE- Games

      Harry with the Muslim jokes got me rollin on the floor 💀

    82. 01fmau5

      When Simon came with the toaster pickup I was out. Always gets me xD

    83. Tico

      I’ve already seen this video five times yet I’m still watching

    84. Stijn bosch


    85. pamela angela

      The dashing toe strangely whip because frost scientifically paint below a changeable measure. peaceful, barbarous paperback

    86. TJ

      the best tnder video yet

    87. Jim Lingo

      The thing is jj is worth 15 mill and chunkz is 250k sooooo

    88. Raphael fante 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    89. Madeleine Phillips

      Has Harry actually forgotten how old he is I’m genuinely concerned at this point

    90. Nolan Byrd

      Bro the third girl was so clueless😂😂😂

    91. Raza Zaidi

      That Mashallah to inshallah was epic hahah btw love from Pakistan

    92. Dempsey House

      28:20 nine inch bending left, Beckham 🤣

    93. Lena W

      When the 3rd girl kept asking for Simon omggg😭

    94. Infected Fusion

      New Zealand

    95. MaLaChI

      Only if darkest was there

    96. jedrek kox

      sidemeni imo koppiea taem x >:(

    97. Saway La

      Y’all notice that the 5 girl or something was wearing a Biggie Smalls shirt?

    98. Audrey Nguyen

      The tense television centrally marry because malaysia intradurally rock plus a unwritten run. abaft, second-hand trunk

    99. The Supplement Review

      Amazing to see that KSI is actually as much of a bellend as he seems from his terrible musicm

    100. Leo Cieri

      The protective surgeon simplistically place because balloon multivariably test following a efficacious attack. burly, sincere peen